NNBA 2021 Call for Speakers

Dedicated to the Advancement and Promotion of Nurse Entrepreneurship

The Call for Speakers for the #NNBA2021 Annual Educational Conference is official. Take this opportunity to submit your proposal on Nurse Entrepreneurship, Business Opportunities, and Best Practices to share with nurses to start, improve, or grow their business. Deadline for proposals: January 15, 2021. Speaker spots are limited, and entering a proposal is not a guarantee of speaking at the event.  Only NNBA Members’ proposals will be considered.


NNBA’s annual conference on nurse entrepreneurship is known for nurse experts, and business owners sharing how nurses can monetize and maximize their experience. Now more than ever, nurses desire knowledge that will allow them to benefit from their years of experience, and valuable subject matter expertise. We are nurses helping nurses succeed in business, and provide a wealth of information on entrepreneurship and emerging business trends for nurses.


The NNBA looks for speakers that are engaging, informative, relevant, outcome based and well networked. The presentations should:

  • Provide rich information
  • Be interactive to enable audience participation in the learning experience
  • Be clear, relevant, and interesting
  • Provide take-away materials with actionable items for attendees to follow

Detailed information and instruction are provided on the submission form. The information provided by speakers will be used in the conference program materials. Selected speakers will receive detailed instructions on how to provide their power point presentations.

Thank you for considering speaking for the National Nurses in Business Association.

NNBA 2021 Conference Speaker Submission

NNBA 2021 Conference Speaker Submission

NNBA 2021 Conference Speaker Submission

Only speaker proposals from NNBA Members will be considered.

Speaker Information

Maximum file size: 8MB

Submission Information

Describe your presentation as you would like it to appear in the conference agenda and website. This should be around 120 - 150 words. This is very important as we will use this to create marketing material.
List 2 - 3 objectives that attendees will learn from your presentation. This is very important as we will use this to create marketing material.
Include any additional information that you would like to have the Advisory Board know about you and your prior speaking accomplishments. You can include other speaking engagements you've performed, books and/or articles you have written, publications you've been mentioned in, etc.
Include a brief biography about yourself. No more than 150 words that you would like to appear in the program if you are selected. This will be used to introduce you.
What is the submission suitable for: *
NNBA 2021 will have all new titles, no previous titles of breakout sessions, pre-conference workshops or keynotes.
Additional submissions are permitted, each topic requires a separate submission form.

Speaker Submission Agreement to Terms and Considerations