Marketing Becomes Easy

When Value Is In the Driver’s Seat Marketing Becomes Easy

It is very easy for me to market and promote NNBA’s Annual Educational Conference on entrepreneurship. Our organization’s mission is driven by its core values to serve, encourage, educate, empower, and connect. As the president of the NNBA, I have the honor of speaking with so many nurses around the country, and hearing about their…


Anthony Watson

The Small Business Program at the National Institute of Nursing Research

By: Kristopher Bough, PhD, Program Director Turning Your Healthcare Technology Idea Into A Business Can Be Difficult Where can you find seed funding to get your concept off the ground? What steps do you need to take to register your start-up? How do you advance product development and grow your business? What are key steps…


Nurses Business News

NNBA Nurse Entrepreneur News – 07/01/2020

On June 22nd we launched registration for our virtual conference on nurse entrepreneurship and career alternatives. The National Nurses in Business Association is celebrating 35 years in business! That means 35 years of sharing information on business opportunities, best practices, business planning tools, and strategies. We love sharing communication on this conference with nurses, especially…