2016 NNBA Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference Picture Gallery Walkthrough

Advancing Nurses Through Entrepreneurship

The beautiful Crown Room was the setting for NNBA’s exclusive Meet and Greet that always is a good time meeting colleagues and new friends. Everyone loved Dr. Louise Jakubik’s keynote address, How Business Ownership is THE Difference Maker for the Life and Work You Really Want. Many nationally acclaimed speakers, presenters and business experts delivered high value information, compelling topics and provided actionable take-a-ways. In order of appearance were: Donna Cardillo, Stella Nsong, Brittney Wilson, RNFM Radio’s Kevin Ross, Keith Carlson and Elizabeth Scala, Pauline Sanders, Steve Schmutzer, Tim Raderstorf, Beth Hawkes, Lorie Brown, Keith Carlson, Jay Steven Levin, Sharon Weinstein and Nancy Brook.

Dr. Renee Thompson was our fun emcee of NNBA’s 2016 Shark Tank Competition. All the nurses had innovative and amazing products, programs and services including: Patricia Crilly, Lani Deleon, Tania Simmons and Rachelle Fudge. However, Naomi Travers, RN, GNP-BC, MSN with her patient-focused innovation called the Spessle was the winner. From the specialty pre-conference’s to the main sessions and onto the breakouts and round table discussions; nurses were experiencing the positive energy of being with like-minded nurses. The excitement level at this conference is difficult to describe, so here are a few of the comments made that resonated with the majority.

“I feel inspired because I have found some amazing nurses and we share several things. I want to tap my untapped potential and be willing to risk the status quo for something much more fulfilling!”

“I’ve been a NNBA member for many years and cannot believe all the valuable information I have learned to build my business even bigger!”

“The past two days of been packed with golden nuggets of information and ahaaa moments. The fact is, that I’m going home with the belief that I can do this and how breaking down what feels like an insurmountable task can be a reality. I know this will help me launch my business with new support, relationships and friendships”

Would you like to experience this community too? Mark your calendar to join us September 8-10th in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida at the Sirata Beach Resort for #NNBA2017.

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