Legal Nurses

Legal Nurses

What types of nurses are called legal nurses?

Legal nurses include the following:

  • Legal nurse consultants
  • Life care planners
  • Case managers
  • Care managers
  • Elder care managers
  • Forensic nurses
  • Medicare set-aside consultants
  • Nurses who work with the legal community

Can I be a legal nurse?

Yes. Any RN can be a legal nurse regardless of education. Experience in nursing is expected.

Where would I work?

A legal nurse usually works out of a home office and sends reports to the attorney client. Sometimes the workplace is the client attorney’s office.

What education do I need?

No formal degrees are needed. You need your RN license. Education (professional development) to provide the service can be formal or informal. You can gain knowledge you need by reading a book, working in the field, or by taking a course. Certification is not required to practice, but is helpful in marketing.

How much money would I need to be an independent legal nurse?

The startup cost for an RN consulting service is relatively low. As an RN, you are licensed to practice as a nurse; therefore, you are not required to start a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation. Even if you are providing services as an LLC or corporation, you are personally responsible for your actions as a nurse and legal nurse consulting is nursing. The LLC and/or corporation does not relieve you of responsibility and/or protect your personal assets. Although it is not required, the NNBA recommends that you incorporate your business to protect your personal assets and take advantage of many tax deductions only available to incorporated small businesses.

Will legal nurses be around in the future?

The future for legal nursing is excellent because:

  • attorneys and insurance companies search for solutions to the high cost of using physicians as consultants;
  • nurses are familiar with patient records;
  • nurses have proven their effectiveness in the industry.

How much can I make as a legal nurse?

Annual: approximately $125,000 net income (expenses must be deducted to determine personal earnings). Hourly: approximately $75 to $250

How would I market myself to clients?

Networking on social media platforms and in person at events the attorneys attend works well for the legal nurse.