Nurse Consultant

Nurse Consultant

What is a nurse consultant?

Nurse consultants are nurses who usually identify problems and develop solutions. The business is usually operated from a home office and reports are sent to the customer. Some work may be required at the customer’s facility. When you work and where you work are usually at the discretion of the nurse. The consultant must be a registered nurse. Certification in the field is optional.

How much does it cost to be a consultant?

The startup cost for an RN consulting service is relatively low. You can use a home office and equipment (computer, printer, etc.) that you already have. As an RN, you are licensed to practice as a nurse; therefore, you are not required to start a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation. Although it is not required, the NNBA recommends that you incorporate your business to protect your personal assets from the debt of the business and take advantage of many tax deductions only available to small businesses. Providing your services as a LLC and/or corporation does not relieve you of responsibility for your nursing actions or protect your personal assets from judgements related to your actions as a nurse. Legal nurse consulting is nursing. You are personally responsible as long as you are a licensed RN.

Will nurse consultants be around in the future?

The future for this industry is good based on the shortage of nurses and the continuing search for solutions to the high cost of healthcare. Nurse consultants have proven their worth in the industry.

Is nurse consulting a recession-proof self-employment job?

RN jobs that meet the goals of local and federal governments and large organizations, such as the AARP, AMA, ANA, and ABA, are often recession proof. They include:

  • Identification of problems, developing workable solutions, and coaching patients and families
  • Offering medical education to patients, families, and healthcare professionals
  • Designing customized care plans for patients to promote wellness
  • Reviewing the care provided and developing new ways to ensure the patient’s well being and safety
  • Providing an insider’s view on medical issues to legal professionals

What can the NNBA do for me?

  • Provide current information on new and traditional RN self-employment jobs
  • Offer business education to start and operate a profitable self-employment venture
  • Act as your national voice
  • Maintain a national networking arena for you

As a nurse consultant, how much would I earn?

Earnings are limited by the number of physical hours a nurse can work. Typical earnings for a consultant working full time are in the range of $125,000 a year. Hourly rates range from $85 to $250 per hour.

What education would I need to be an RN consultant?

No educational requirements exist. You need to be an RN. You do not need a BSN, MSN, or any other formal nursing degree. Business education is needed for nurses to understand the business aspects of being self-employed or a small business owner. The association provides this education customized for nurses. College and community business courses do not understand the nursing community. Advanced nursing courses do not teach self-employment and small business ventures. The NNBA provides this education in various ways to make it convenient and affordable for you.

How would I market my services as a nurse consultant?

Most clients resist hard-sell tactics. The decision to hire a consultant originates when clients have a problem they cannot solve. The decision of which consultant to hire comes from the client’s research and not from the consultant’s solicitations. Clients no longer hire consultants based on the firm’s name, promotional materials, direct mail, advertisements, or direct solicitations, such as cold calls. Instead they turn to their network of colleagues and the Internet. To be considered, the consultant must be known to the client (or their colleagues) and readily available when a problem develops.

How could I be considered an expert?

Specialty consulting means providing a service to customers in your area of expertise, such as oncology, emergency, orthopedics, etc. A nurse may have a new idea for consulting that has never been done before. If no certifications or requirements are in place to define an expert in that area, the nurse must proclaim him/herself an expert.

Should I incorporate my nurse consulting business?

The legal structure for a consulting service can be a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation of one or more. Sole proprietors, LLCs, and S corporations are considered self-employment by the IRS. The regular corporation is an independent legal entity separate from its owners and provides the greatest tax deductions and protection of personal assets. The NNBA recommends that nurses incorporate their businesses.