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Craft Your Elevator Pitch

3 Hour Workshop
Craft Your Elevator Pitch Blueprint and Marketing You!


Craft Your Elevator Pitch Blueprint & Marketing You! – Michelle Podlesni, RN, CEO

One of the biggest challenges nurse business owners have is feeling comfortable with introducing ourselves, and our business. We just aren’t used to tooting our own horns and stepping into the spotlight. This 3 hour workshop will outline the 7- step blueprint that allows you to rise above the noise and capture the attention of busy people. You’ll be ready when opportunity strikes, and be able to use this blueprint time and time again, slightly modifying it to suit a variety of networking environments. Additionally, you will gain more customers and referrals by learning how to market you with the top marketing strategy and the three keys to marketing. Become more confident and self-assured in a variety of business settings in this workshop.

3 Hour Workshop
It’s A Goldmine! 12 Revenue Streams to Diversify Your Income and Grow Your Business


It’s A Goldmine! 12 Revenue Streams to Diversify Your Income and Grow Your Business – Louise Jakubik, PhD, RN, NPD-BC, CSP®

Discover how to grow your business and increase your income by adding new streams of revenue within your current expertise. In this session, you will explore 12 different ways to monetize your business. Customers appreciate having a menu of options to choose from when considering your business solutions. Some individuals want a book, others a course, others coaching, others a membership option, and still others an intensive retreat. Organizations may prefer an onsite or web streaming course, an annual license for a training program, a retreat leader, or a consulting package. Additional revenue streams include business to business referrals, strategic alliances, and affiliate or reseller agreements. In this session, you explore how to apply your business or business idea to each of 12 different revenue stream formats. If you want to create a roadmap for building your business and your income through multiple revenue streams, this session is for you!

1 Hour E-Session
Turn Your 60 Minute Presentation Into a Six-Figure Business


Turn Your 60 Minute Presentation Into a Six-Figure Business – Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN, CSP®

Growing a successful business requires that entrepreneurs go beyond focusing on getting gig after gig. Successful business owners know that the key to a 6-figure business is to leverage their existing presentation by repurposing content into multiple products and service lines. From eBooks, coaching, and email drip campaigns to print books, online courses, and consulting; diversifying your intellectual property is the key! In this workshop, participants will learn the various ways they can leverage their content and create multiple revenue streams from one 60-minute presentation.