3 Hour Workshop
The A to Z’s of Starting Your Nurse Owned Business

The A to Z’s of Starting Your Nurse Owned Business – Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD


As nurses, the only way to make more money is to work more. As nurse business owners, we get to create our own paycheck. And, the good news is we can make as much money as we want, work when we want and not have to answer to anyone else. However, we were not taught how to be a business owner in nursing school so that is exactly what you are going to learn. Consider it a mini MBA! This course is the A to Zs of starting your own business. Here is just a quick journey of what you are going to learn About which business you are in, Business basics of running a successful business, what Contracts do you need in your business, Business Development (getting all the business you need), Business Entities, skipping to what type of Insurance do you need and skipping to Z so you know your business is set up on a proper legal foundation and you know how to get business so you can get some Zzzs!

During this pre-conference workshop, you will learn:

  • What type of entity do you want your business to be and if you have an entity already, why it may not be the best for you
  • What type of insurance do you need
  • Where are your ideal clients hiding and how to find them
  • How to give a compelling elevator pitch so clients say “YES” to your services
  • How to create a rock solid business plan so you can plan to succeed
  • How to put your marketing on auto pilot so the clients keep coming

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