NNBA 2021 Conference

NNBA 2021 Pre-conference E (SN) – Money Map: A Model for Building Your Senior Care Enterprise


Pre-conference E          Stella Nsong, RN, CCO, CMC, LTCP

This is a never before seen half day virtual workshop that covers exciting and eye-opening content on a specific strategy that aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs can use to build a senior care empire. There are seventeen potential income streams in the senior care industry. This money map provides a step by step guide on how to select which businesses to start with, which businesses to avoid , where to find the money to begin, how to begin your empire with a small or large startup capital, the specific strategy for when and how to add service lines and alternate income streams, how much business growth to plan for and how much you should plan to sell your enterprise so that you reach and maintain time freedom and financial independence on a schedule that suits you. At the end of the session, you will have your money map designed and ready for implementation. This workshop is suitable for both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. Precon E – SN – 3.0 Contact Hours.

During this pre-conference seminar, you will learn to:

  • Define the senior care money map
  • Discover where to find the money to begin building a senior care empire
  • Uncover the specific strategy on which business to begin with, when and how to add service line, how to design, build and grow your senior care empire
  • Identify a personalized growth plan that will bring the desired time and financial freedom
  • Leave the workshop with an actionable money map ready for implementation

About Stella:
Stella Nsong is a hands-on nurse entrepreneur and mentor to new and aspiring nurse entrepreneurs. She develops caregiving concepts, and creates soft systems for providing elder care services. She is a health care advice columnist, speaker and a nurse entrepreneur mentor and coach. Her elder care advice column has been featured in nine different newspapers. Stella has provided over two hundred presentations about home and community based senior care.